Level up your engineering leaders

What People Say

Jean is incredibly insightful and supportive. When working through a personal growth edge, Jean asks questions that help me dig deep, uncover assumptions, and discover new perspectives. Jean has a special way of asking questions and probing so that I am more aware of my own strengths and ability to solve my own challenges. It’s a real pleasure to work with someone who doesn’t just guide you towards solutions but convinces you that you already have the confidence and self-compassion to succeed. Working with Jean has truly helped me level-up as a manager and be a better leader for my team!
— Rachael Stedman, Engineering Manager at Lever
Jean offers a valuable combination of both tactical help and taking in the bigger picture, tailored to technical managers. For example, she gave me guidance and actionable suggestions on improving our engineering interview process, and asking insightful questions to reframe how I was assessing a broader situation.
— Alicia Liu, Head of Engineering at Nava
Jean is a high-integrity leader who built up a huge degree of trust from her reports and peers. She worked alongside myself and other engineering leaders to scale the team; her influence was clearly visible, stretching beyond code to everything from on boarding, to hiring, to management principles and practices. Her pragmatic, process oriented nature, and insight into people’s motivations and fears, allowed her to solve ambiguous problems with complex tradeoffs.
— Dan Pupius, former head of engineering at Medium
Jean is empathetic, insightful, and dedicated to the people she works with.
— Emma Zhou, senior software engineer at medium
Jean is one of the best writers on engineering leadership out there, and her advice is grounded in experience and experimentation at high-growth companies. She is a fantastic mentor for startups and engineering leaders and I’d recommend her very highly.
— Marc Hedlund, Senior Director of Engineering at Mailchimp